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Tyson Fury vs Usyk: Fight confirmed

Posted 10 Mar 2023

If there is one fight everyone wants to see, it's Tyson Fury vs Oleksandr Usyk, and the good thing is, it’s finally going to take place very soon. There have been many conversations from both sides, and the time has come when fans can see both in a ring. 

Tyson Fury is the defending WBC heavyweight champion. His opponent Oleksandr Usyk holds the WBA, IBF, and WBO belts. All this gold will be put on the line as both unbeaten superstars will go all in in a four-belt clash. The fight is expected to bring the biggest purse in boxing history due to all the gold and reputation at stake. 

The highly anticipated fight bout was initially scheduled in early March 2023. However, boxing promoter, Franck Warren, has confirmed that it will take place in late March or early April. 

Fight Venue:

Initially, Saudi Arabia appeared as the most likely location to host the fight, offering a handsome amount of money. However, according to the latest reports, historical Wembley is the most likely venue where two fighters will take each other on. 

Regarding the venue, promoter Bob Arum, said the platform would be finalised next week, and they'll announce it then. Along with announcing the expected date, he also revealed their dream venue, announcing the condition as well: 

"It depends on the deals. There are a number of us that would prefer Wembley as the fight venue, but it depends on the money."

He also explained the reason for their demand by saying that the fighters only play for a short time, and that's why, until they're playing, they should make a lot of money because that will be available in a few years.

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What has been said?

Tyson Fury talked to TalkSport and revealed the latest updates regarding the fight by saying: 

“I don’t know when I will return, but I think it’s imminent, and hopefully, we'll see it in the upcoming few months. I am ready to rock and roll as always and looking forward to the challenge ahead."

“Regarding the fight, you have to ask all the promoters and lawyers how far away we are from the fight and all of the related stuff, but as I always say on repeat time and time, we are never in the ring till we are in the ring, and nothing is ever on until you see me walk into that ring."

“That is how far away we are from it. You never know, and saying you want to fight somebody and doing it is very different."

“We have seen these big fights not happen in the past many, many times. Usyk seems to be up for it, and I can’t do anymore; I do what I do, and hopefully, we get the thing all sorted out.”

Tyson Fury’s dad John, also talked to the media and said that the other day, he saw Usyk getting out of the pool and felt he should do something different to fight with his son to match him physically. He even joked and said he could put the boxing gloves on Tyson’s wife Paris and let her fight, adding ‘She has giant pair of shoulders’. He continued on to say about Tyson, that when he is out of training, his body disappears, and then he transforms into another shape. 

Boxer Tyson Fury shares photos of his weight-loss transformation

Back in early 2020, Tyson Tury shared in his autobiography ‘Behind the Mask’ how we had struggled with mental issues and addiction. This led to his weight soaring to an astonishing 400 pounds, and how he would struggle to run to the end of his street.

He worked hard over two years to transform his physical appearance, getting his weight back down to 275 points. He used the Keto diet method but said it left him feeling sluggish. He then began working with fighter Conor McGregor’s nutritionist George Lockhart. George believed he needed to eliminate processed foods and focus on getting micronutrients, vitamins, and minerals through an organic and grass-fed diet. This dedication and preparation led to Tyson winning the famed fight against Wilder.

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