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Tips to getting tickets to the most popular events

Posted 14 Jan 2023

The key word here is ‘preparation’. There are a lot of things to put in place before tickets are up for sale to make it easier to grab one.

Be Prepared and Active

First of all, it is important to join a fan club and be active on the social media. This would help in getting information on what’s up with your artist. Even as little as following them on Facebook, it goes a long way and can serve as an advantage. Some members of an artist’s fan club often get priority access to tickets when they go on sale.

On the media, especially Twitter, some enthusiastic fan might post direct links of the ticket sites. This can get you booked faster than expected, and help you avoid waiting long in queues.

Sign Up for Every Presale

Sign up for every single presale you see, that you are eligible for. Download different apps or check websites on how to get or access exclusive tickets. Some of these artists have fan sites and may be on Spotify. Get on those for information, as the artists sometimes tend to give specific time and date that will be needed in getting presale links and passwords.

You can also sign up for ticket alerts for when tickets will be on sale so you get a reminder too. This creates a greater chance of grabbing a ticket early. Sadly, signing up too late could result in your missing out.


Register Ahead

To avoid taking too long in entering details during the checkout phase and losing the tickets you’ve just selected. We highly recommend registering an account in advance of the release date. And don’t forget to make sure you fill in your details, including your address and payment information, with a retailer in advance.

When managing tickets, there is a limited time allocated in entering card details. Signing up for an account and adding payment details in advance will save you a lot of time. So be sure to take 10-15 minutes in advance of this, so help save more time.

Another thing that can slow you down when managing tickets is the seat. Make sure beforehand, to know which seats you most prefer and the type of ticket you want so that no time will be wasted during the ticket selection process.


Should you have different pages ready?

Last week there was Glastonbury tickets drama when tickets for the major festival went on sale, and the servers faced overwhelm and issues. Many people were stuck in queues, constantly crashing their servers. They advised customers via Twitter, to use only one browser, and only one device so they could serve customers quicker. Overall, it was a bad experience for fans. Something you won’t have to face with ZenSeats *wink*.

Do Not Give Up!

It is also important to never stop trying. Do not give up. Even if the site displays that the tickets are not available, it does not mean that the tickets are sold out, so keep trying.

Even in cases when some events have been declared sold out, more tickets might be available for a short time as there are times when some additional tickets or unclaimed tickets go back on sale. So, within the short period of time of availability, if you are still on standby, you can get tickets. All tickets can only be termed and accounted for as ‘sold out’ only if transactions are complete.

This was another situation that rang true with the Glastonbury ticket drama. Many fans who had registered in advance, got to check out, but then the servers timed out – this then freed up those tickets for other passionate fans. All whilst, making others want to tear their hair out.


Getting tickets to see your favourite artist, sports team, or theatre show can be stressful. But using the tips above can help avoid a lot of the drama. Sometimes however, it’s just too popular that it doesn’t always go your way.

Overall, to get tickets to major popular events, the key is to be patient, and move fast when the window opens. Best of luck!

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