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Beyonce's ‘Strict No Phones Policy’ Dubai Concert

Posted 21 Jan 2023

Beyonce's Dubai concert was highly anticipated and attended by thousands of fans.

However, the concert came with a strict no-phones policy, with attendees being asked to secure their phones in pouches. Despite this, viral videos and photos from the show emerged on social media, showcasing the powerful performance of the pop icon. 

Fans shared moments from the luxury-laded concert, spreading the excitement and energy of the event far beyond the concert venue. The show was a testament to Beyonce’s enduring popularity and powerful connection with her fans, despite strict security measures. 

A grand comeback

The 41-year-old music icon pushing cultural boundaries and broadening the horizons of music with her strong vocal capabilities stepped on stage after five years in a private concert for 1500 people and called it a “once in a lifetime experience” with “a once in a lifetime performance.”

The On the Run II Tour was the last tour by American singer Beyoncé and rapper Jay-Z in 2018. The tour started on June 6, 2018, in Cardiff and concluded on October 4, 2018, in Seattle.

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Strict no recording rules

Smartphones and recording devices were prohibited from making fans experience the warmth and joy of concerts. A pouch bag was provided to the attendees so that they could put their phones aside while enjoying the show. One fan mentioned that the bags were branded with the resort’s name, date, and logo.

A fan from the event shared a video showing his pouch and a badge that was provided at the event. Take a look at the video shared on Twitter.

However, the management failed to control the performance videos from spreading online. Thousands of videos have been surfacing on social media platforms violating the policies.

Beyoncé Duets With Daughter Blue Ivy At $24M Dubai Concert | HipHopDX

Mother-daughter duo

Beyonce was joined by her 11-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy, with videos shared of the two performing the song “Brown Skin Girl”. This song is marked as her hit track of 2019. Beyonce appeared in her bright yellow gown and Blue Ivy in a dazzling red dress.

Take a glance at how the duo lights up the stage with their presence. Ivy matched her dance steps with the backup dancers for the song. 

A sight for the eyes indeed!

Recordings from inside and outside the venue

Not only have we seen footage from within the concert, but we’ve also seen videos shared showcasing the concert location, its firework, and performances from the outside of the luxury hotel. 

They streamed live on Instagram and celebrities, and to be specific, no one other than Lizzo also turned to Twitter to announce that even though she was not one of those 1500 people, she managed to watch the live streams and that she is not ashamed of this. Here is what she posted on Twitter

Once anything hits social media, it takes no time to spread all over the digital world. This event's highly concentrated and great nature compelled fans worldwide who could not attend the concert to search for the video clips. Making footage from the show go viral.

$24 million gig

The concert, which marked the opening of a brand-new luxury hotel in Dubai, earned Beyonce a whopping $24 to $35 million in the one-hour-long show.

Many well-known celebrities, including Kendal Jenner, who also launched her Tequila brand 818 exclusively in Atlantis The Royal’s Cloud 22 Skypool, the R&B duo Chole and Halley Bailey, Liam Payne, Rebel Wilson, and others also attended this luxury concert of the music queen.

Performed songs

Beyonce opened her much-awaited performance with a cover of Etta James’s “At Last”, which is a whisper every fan at her comeback. She performed 19 songs, including "Crazy in love", "Halo", “Freedom”, “Spirit”, and "Countdown". Several video clips from the concert are going around. Here is a clip from the concert where Beyonce can be heard and seen performing “Crazy in Love”.  

However, the singer did not perform songs from her recent album “Renaissance” since it supports LGBTQ rights. In Dubai, any discussion regarding LGBTQ is strictly prohibited and can lead to a death sentence.

 In her one-hour concert, she changed her attire three times, starting with a yellow feathered ensemble, then a red and gold corset bodysuit, and finally a glittery pink mini-dress and leggings.

What do you think about the videos swirling around social media sites?

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