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A preview of the Premier League's Christmas fixtures

Posted 10 Aug 2023

Typically the busiest and most active time of year in English football, the period between Christmas and New Year is packed with exciting Premier League fixtures. 

Amidst the festivities, all twenty teams will be in action, with some playing up to three games in the space of just eight days. 

While many top leagues around Europe will pause for a short winter break, the Premier League will keep going as it maintains an established tradition. Much to the delight of supporters keen to attend games and watch on TV of course. Indeed, the Christmas Premier League fixtures are practically considered to be an institution within the British sporting scene nowadays. 

2023-24 Premier League Christmas Fixture Schedule

For anyone who isn’t busy doing last-minute shopping for presents, getting to Premier League matches will be the main priority. 

The busy Premier League Christmas schedule starts on the weekend of the 23rd December. It continues around 26th December and then concludes around the weekend of the 30th December, just ahead of the New Year celebrations. 

Due to the consistently high demand for access to stadiums during the festive period, booking your Premier League football tickets in advance is always recommended. We cover all the best options for every team here at Zenseats. These range from individual and group tickets to hospitality packages.

But one thing to bear in mind is the dates and kick-off times. Although the Premier League has already announced the fixtures, they have yet to confirm the precise dates and kick-off times. 

Under normal circumstances, they aim to confirm this information six weeks beforehand. It often depends on which matches are being televised. Over the most recent seasons, the EPL has usually confirmed match dates and times by late November. 

Whenever fixture dates and kick-off times are confirmed, we will update all the corresponding match ticket pages for every team. Now, let’s take a look at the upcoming fixtures over the 2023 Christmas period, featuring plenty of thrilling encounters between Premier League teams. 

Premier League - 23 December 2023 Fixtures 

We get the ball rolling by focusing on the first matchday of the festive period. This is provisionally scheduled around Saturday 23rd December 2023. Kick-off times are yet to be confirmed. 

While there could be one or two games on Friday 22nd December, there will be none on Sunday 24th December and Christmas Eve. 

Topping the bill will undoubtedly be Liverpool versus Arsenal at Anfield. Meetings between these two sides are usually pulsating affairs. 

West Ham United will also be hosting Manchester United at the London Stadium, which will certainly be an intriguing duel.  

Manchester City are participating in the 2023 FIFA Club World Cup tournament, so their home game against Brentford has been postponed. But with that singular omission from the planned schedule, these are the 23 December matches in the Premier League: 

Aston Villa v Sheffield United 

Crystal Palace v Brighton 

Fulham v Burnley 

Liverpool v Arsenal 

Luton Town v Newcastle United 

Manchester City v Brentford (Postponed) 

Nottingham Forest v A.F.C. Bournemouth 

Tottenham Hotspur v Everton 

West Ham United v Manchester United 

Wolverhampton v Chelsea

Premier League – 26 December Boxing Day Fixtures

Easily one of the most popular days to watch football in England, the Boxing Day fixtures are an established tradition within the Premier League fixture list. However, not all of the fixtures will take place on that day. Some will be pushed back to the 27th and 28th December, so don’t forget to check when dates and kick-off times are confirmed. 

Instantly grabbing our attention are the two London derby games on Boxing Day. The first will feature Arsenal vs West Ham United at The Emirates, while Chelsea will take on Crystal Palace at Stamford Bridge. Meanwhile, rival blues will be doing battle up North in the Premier League as Everton face Manchester City at Goodison Park. 

If you’re planning on getting out and about on Boxing Day, these are the Premier League fixtures scheduled on or around 26 December: 

Bournemouth v Fulham 

Arsenal v West Ham United 

Brentford v Wolverhampton 

Brighton v Tottenham Hotspur 

Burnley v Liverpool 

Chelsea v Crystal Palace 

Everton v Manchester City 

Manchester United v Aston Villa 

Newcastle United v Nottingham Forest 

Sheffield United v Luton Town

Premier League – 30 December Fixtures 

Concluding our look at the Christmas fixture schedule, anyone tired of turkey sandwiches can treat themselves to some tasty Premier League action instead. 

Provisionally scheduled for the weekend of the 30th December, don’t forget to check the confirmed match dates and kick-off times. 

Our pick of the bunch is Liverpool against Newcastle United at Anfield. This fixture always produces blood and thunder encounters between the two sides - often with plenty of goals. 

There’s also two more London derbies, as Crystal Palace host Brentford at Selhurst Park, while Craven Cottage will be packed as Fulham take on Arsenal. Here’s the full schedule of games: 

Aston Villa v Burnley 

Crystal Palace v Brentford 

Fulham v Arsenal 

Liverpool v Newcastle United 

Luton Town v Chelsea 

Manchester City v Sheffield United 

Nottingham Forest v Manchester United 

Tottenham Hotspur v A.F.C. Bournemouth 

West Ham United v Brighton 

Wolverhampton v Everton

The Origins of Christmas and Boxing Day Matches

English football is famed for its history and traditions, including the origins of the clubs themselves and the days when matches are played. 

Although the roots of English football can be traced back to wealthy public schools, its true heart lies in working class areas where many of the leading clubs were founded as the sport began to blossom in the late 19th century and early 20th century. 

For example, Manchester United began life as Newton Heath LYR, formed by workers at the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway depot in that part of the city. Arsenal started out as Dial Square FC, named by workers at the Royal Arsenal complex in Woolwich. 

For many working class people in England back then, watching football on Saturdays was practically impossible, given this was considered a working day. However, they were given time off during the festive period and many workers would attend matches and swell attendances. Right up until 1957, playing football matches on Christmas Day was considered a national tradition. 

As Christmas Day became more of a family occasion, English football embraced Boxing Day as the most suitable alternative. This fascinating tradition has been lovingly preserved, making Boxing Day games one of the most popular fixture dates for Premier League teams and their fans. 

Final Festive Notes  

The Premier League typically confirms the Christmas fixture dates and kick-off times by mid-November, although this information can sometimes be available earlier or later that month. 

To fully enjoy this festive football period, and find the best ticket options available, Zenseats will keep you updated with everything you need to know. 

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